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The Hymn of the Pearl (2005)

I – Prelude
II – Cantilena
III – Intermezzo
IV – Adagio
V – Introduction & Passacaglia

The Hymn of the Pearl was composed for Nicolas Kynaston in gratitude for playing the organ on the day of my marriage to Lisete da Silva. It can be seen as incidental music to the Gnostic text of the same name found in the Acts of Thomas. Each of the five movements relate to one another both thematically and stylistically; the ‘pearl-theme’ (Prelude bars 5 & 6) has references throughout which parallel its importance in the story.

The work is intended for performance on an organ with three manuals. I have been unspecific about any registration as there can be many different solutions for making each instrument sound at its best. It would, however, be ideal to adopt a ‘romantic’ approach to the colour scheme; blending the tones as far as possible (especially in louder sections) and avoiding the use of stops which spoil the clarity of texture or the sound of other combinations. Metronome marks are suggested but should be ignored when it comes to performance in favour of bringing spirit to the music in whatever way the performer so desires.

Work for solo organ

Duration: about 55 minutes / 62 pages spiral-bound with covers

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Hymn of the Pearl  Cover

The Hymn of the Pearl

Cover illustration: The Hymn of the Pearl – Part 2 by Sharon Blanchfield
in the collection of Peacock Studios (Ontario, Canada), reproduced with kind permission.