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Praeludium in stylus fantasticus (2006)

Praeludium is modelled on the large-scale works of North European organists contemporary with Dietrich Buxtehude. The use of symbolic motives and rhetorical gesture in the music retains the spirit of stylus fantasticus composition; at the same time it affords the performer complete freedom to register the music according to the disposition of the organ on which he plays. The work is intended for performance on an historic organ with manual compass C-d''' (although performance on a modern instrument is equally fitting). I have tried to preserve the strict use of contrapuntal rules within a contemporary harmonic language, in an attempt to capture the alchemy of formal structures inspired by 'Golden Section' proportions.

Work for solo organ

Duration: about 8 minutes / 16 pages spiral-bound with covers

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Praeludium Cover

Praeludium: Cover

Praeludium Preface

Praeludium : Preface