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Prelude & Fugue on DSCH (2006)

The one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Dmitri Shostakovich was reason enough to write this Prelude & Fugue on DSCH. The composer’s initials are used throughout to form all of the musical material, while quotations are limited to the most common motivic and rhythmic nuances in Shostakovich’s works. Manual indications and dynamics are all relative and may be interpreted. The sound of the organ should enhance the structure and not detract in any way from the music. The dedication of this piece to Jan Lehtola (a great performer and promoter of new music) is by way of thanks for his unfailing support of my work, and my deepest respect for his.

Work for solo organ

Duration: about 14 minutes / 24 pages spiral-bound with covers

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Prelude and Fugue on DSCH Cover

Prelude & Fugue on DSCH