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Icarus (2004)

The story of the fate of Icarus is told here in a diptyque. The fist part tells of the imprisonment of Daedalus and his young son in a tower, having lost favour with King Minos. Unable to escape over land or by sea, Daedalus fabricates wings made from feathers, thread and wax so that they may both fly to their freedom. After this introduction they take to flight, an unsteady rhythmic ostinato propels the music onwards. Despite intermittent warnings from his father neither to fly too high or too low, Icarus is defiant. His youth and excitement cause him to leave the guidance of his father and soar upward to the heavens. The nearness of the blazing sun softens the wax that holds the feathers together, and they come off. He flutters with his arms but no feathers remain to hold the air - while his mouth utters cries to his father it is submerged in the blue waters of the sea. The main theme, which until now had represented the idea of flight, becomes the subject of Daedalus' lament in the second part. A slow, funereal accompaniment underlies the wailing tune as Icarus is consumed by the sea and nothing but a few feathers are left floating on the water.

Work for solo organ

Duration: about 8 minutes / 14 pages spiral-bound with covers

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Icarus : Preface