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Somerset Scenes (2004)

Somerset Scenes is a nostalgic suite based upon childhood memories of the countryside around Nether Stowey and Stogursey. The three poems that frame this composition are purely descriptive and convey the influence of landscape upon the emotions. In contrast, two dance movements represent the more spiritual aspects of nature; acknowledging the ever-presence of all living creatures and the earth itself which supports us. The clock chimes of St. Andrew's church in Stogursey are used at the end of Poem III, concluding the suite with a sense of tangible reality that is only hinted at in other movements.

Work for violin and organ, in five short movements:

Poem 1
Dance of living things
Poem 2
Dance of the earth
Poem 3

Duration: about 20 minutes

Spiral-bound with covers : 32 pages score / 12 pages violin part

Buy the music!   price £10.00 for score and violin part

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Performed by Farran Scott (Violin) with Martin Stacey at the Father Willis organ of St Dominic's Priory